About me

Photo of me!


I'm an AWAI-trained direct response copywriter for the home repair, maintenance, and improvement market. This includes the skilled trades: plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.

I've been trained to write sales copy. Sales copy is persuasive copy that sells.

You see...

Direct response marketing is not about creativity, originality, or winning fancy advertising awards. It’s about selling products. Period.

Here's an example of direct response marketing that I wrote. This sample for a fictional company includes an online sales page, online order page, and email.

I can bring direct response copywriting concepts to your projects. Concepts like the power of short, attention-grabbing headlines, the importance of uncovering your prospect’s core buying emotion, the necessity of writing a compelling lead, and making sure the body of your sales letter includes the 4 P’s: promise, picture, proof, and push.

A few things about myself...

- I grew up in Portland, Oregon.

- I'm fairly technical for a writer. I designed and built this website all by my lonesome using Bootstrap 3. I learned how to do this thanks to FreeCodeCamp. Here's my public profile where you can see my front-end development certification.

- I like to cook. Check out the website I created as a repository for my favorite recipes. Go ahead. Try one!

- I also like to sew. If you're looking for a great bag tutorial, this is it. I have an entire collection of them in various colors and prints.

- I have an MA in Library Science but have never worked as a librarian.